Break Destructive Patterns & Heal Your Soul.

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Saturday, October 1st
9:30am- 6pm

Veterans Memorial Building 
400 Hartz Ave. Danville, CA 94526









Empower Workshop

What You'll Learn


This module will show you how to use energy to heal your body, mind, and soul. You'll learn about the science behind our energy centers and explore how they hold the key to your healing potential. We'll also discuss the spine and nervous system and discover how letting go of past trauma can help you live in the present with empowerment.


In this session, you'll learn how to do a simple meditation technique that you may use every day to assist you in healing your mind, body, and spirit. We'll look at how to achieve peace in the most trying circumstances while also exploring how to increase blood flow, oxygen, and nutrients to your brain.

Patterns & Personality

In this module, we will be exploring the concept of our "true selves", and what may hinder us from connecting to that part of ourselves. We will have a special guest who will be leading us in an ancestral healing ceremony in order to remove any energetic or karmic ties that we may have to family addiction, negative behaviors, or ailments.

Oneness & Worthiness

What is the one thing that we all have in common, the thing that binds us all together? In this module, we'll look at our uniqueness while connecting through our oneness as we investigate the cultural emphasis on separation, which takes us farther and farther away from love. Consider a world where people are connected through compassion for themselves and for others.


In this module, we will explore what change is needed for our spiritual evolution. We will discuss expanding the soul, heart's desire, and how to see a new path forward without regressing to old aspects of ourselves. This is your opportunity for growth; your chance to upgrade spiritually from old emotions connected to trauma and form a new identity.

Resolve & Rebirth

In this final module, we explore tools and techniques to break old patterns of negative self-talk, destructive behaviors manifesting from toxic emotions, and ideologies that have been holding you back. Our last session will be facilitated by a guest who specializes in breath work and sound healing to help us connect more deeply with our authentic selves.

Optional Add-On

Join Dr Mahsa for Dinner on Friday!

Friday September 30th
5:00pm to 7:30pm

FAZ Danville
600 Hartz Avenue
Danville CA 94526

Cost: $50

Only $249

  • Full Day Access to the Empower Workshop
  • Light Lunch and Refreshments
  • Attend Friday Night Dinner With Dr Mahsa for $50 Extra
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Dr. Mahsa

Dr. Mahsa is the Founder of Empower Method, a healing practice designed to help professionals and individuals recover from, and rise above past trauma and limiting beliefs.

This method was born from her own journey through living in war, loss and emotional trauma and life-threatening injuries, from which she healed herself. D facilitates individuals to shed any negative energy that is blocking their ability to live fully as their true Higher-Self.

Dr. Mahsa has a PHD in Metaphysical studies, to incorporate the power of spiritual healing, guided meditation, and energy work in her teachings with clients and patients in practice.


Haley Navarro

Haley's biggest mission is to help you remember your whole and true self. In 2020 she received a divine download that it was time to step into the role of a healer.

Haley hosts Reiki Infused Breath-Work and Sound Baths to help you access the subconscious through the practice of breath! In her workshops, she uses special breathing techniques and sound frequencies to release any stagnant energy, emotions, and tension trapped in the body.

Unlocking these energetic blocks ultimately aids in strengthening your intuition, improving energy, and finding clarity in your truest desires.

Mark McAdams

For over ten years Mark has explored the metaphysical arts through life experiences, research, and hands-on training,to “remember” & enhance his skills.

Mark was brought to this work via a Spontaneous Past Life memory.

Mark works with several alternative healing modalities including shamanic ritual, Reiki and hypnosis through Edgar Cayce’s renown Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.)

Through soul coaching & guidance Mark assists clients in their journey towards their life purpose.

The transformation I experienced with Dr Mahsa has changed my life in ways I could have never imagined possible.

- Ardavan J

Dr Mahsa's authentic and caring approach is a life-changer! I highly recommend her to anyone looking to grow.

- Nona D

Without Dr Mahsa's guidance and coaching, I wouldn't have lived life fully. This is a game-changer!

- Julia B